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Play Video about A detail image of a contemporary home exterior from the Studio One Home Tour - Atlanta Architectural Photographers
Seldom in our history here at Creative Sources have we had the pleasure of working with a contemporary residential designer as talented and professional at Stephen Flanagan of Studio One.  In addition, he’s just just a nice guy.
The initial need for photography of this home was for still images, destined for website, editorial, and print publication.  The resulting images were widely distributed, including gracing the pages and covers of design books and numerous articles, both digital, and printed on paper!  Those same still images were leveraged further as content for submission to Modern Atlanta, and were pivotal in securing an invitation for our client, and this home, to be featured in the annual Modern Atlanta Home Tour.
Still image of a contemporary home exterior from the Studio One Home Tour - Atlanta Architectural Photographers
This video was produced by Atlanta architectural photographers Creative Sources, for the purpose of playing on the home’s large-screen television, allowing visitors on the tour a glimpse of Stephen’s capabilities and work.  This freed him up to spend time having more meaningful conversations with interested parties and potential clients.

Nancy Juneau:  When we got Studio One on board, what was nice was Stephen brought a really fresh new perspective to our ideas, not to say our ideas were wrong, it was ‘here let’s augment your ideas, let’s come up with something that’s really going to be feasible for your property, for how your family lives, for resale.’

We absolutely ended up with what we wanted, there are folks who come to our house who know what the house looked like before, and I think one of the nicest compliments is they say they can’t even tell where the renovation portion started and the new stopped.  It’s just the whole flow, and if you had never seen our house before you would never know we did an addition, which I think is the best compliment to a design firm ever.

A couple of the things that Stephen worked with us on was making sure that in the existing house, we changed and reconfigured a kitchen and some eating and den areas, and that those still fit within how our family lives and our comfort level.  I can’t even describe how happy we are, Les and I will walk around and go “I can’t believe we waited so long before we did this, we should have had Stephen on board nine years ago!”

Kim Flanagan:  When Stephen and I began talking about the house, I was concerned because he wanted a very contemporary home.  I was more than willing to go along with a contemporary home, but what I wanted to be certain of, is that unlike a lot of contemporary homes, this home would be warm and inviting, and would be a space that people would want to be in.  The thing that has surprised me, in such a positive way, is how many people have come through the house, and have said in a sense, a lot of my reaction, that I really didn’t think I would like contemporary homes this much, but this house really works for me, and I could see myself living in this house.

Nancy Juneau:  There was a problem, do we get a new curb cut, do we do this off of the front of the house, where else in our yard can we put a garage?  Once we put a garage, how do we get from the garage to the house?  The yard slopes, so there were some topography issues.  Then what do we do with the rest of the yard?  And what do we do with the existing garage?

Stephen Flanagan:  So, why hire an architect?  Because nothing fits your lifestyle better than custom design.

Nancy Juneau:  Stephen really helped us look at the big picture, not just what was going to happen today, but 5, 10 years down the line with our property.  It was a great, great hire in bringing him on board.

Stephen Flanagan:  When clients begin planning a project, commercial or residential, they start with a list of desired components, and a general concept.  Where Studio One adds value is its unique ability to take those components and develop a solution that is above and beyond the client’s original vision.

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