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Hospitality Photography

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Mahatma Gandhi

The history of hotels is intimately connected to that of civilizations.  Places offering guests hospitality are in evidence since early biblical times, with both Greek and Roman innkeepers providing rest and recuperation for weary travelers.  In the Middle Ages, monasteries and abbeys constructed inns, hospices, and hospitals to cater to passersby and community.  When hotels as we know them today started to appear in the late 17th century, lodgings were often built next to the thermal baths, in the resort towns, and on the routes popular amongst the government officials.

When photographing for hospitality clients here in the 21st century, keeping guest experience at the forefront is of utmost importance.  We know how to coordinate a shoot that achieves the desired results and offers minimal disruption to guests and staff.  Holding a preparatory meeting with management to get a better understanding of available resources and the property’s natural circulation allows us to tailor our schedule and approach.  We also take advantage of the ebb and flow of activity throughout the 24 hours of a day, often scheduling photography within the food and beverage venues after hours to be mindful of the guests’ experience.

Images of any hospitality venue is all about making people feel as if they are entering a welcoming and comfortable home away from home; we tailor the photography of the rooms and spaces to reflect that mission. We do this through sensitive lighting and composition, and coordination with staff to ensure all details are mindful of brand standards, from utilizing fresh linens and botanicals, on down to the proper place settings.  Being cognizant of the current Brand Photography Style Guide helps ensure that images we craft will service our clients for years to come within their asset libraries.

The basis of the hospitality industry has not altered from those early times, rest and recuperation for weary travelers.  With our decades of experience in hospitality photography in North America, the Caribbean, and Europe, we’ve developed the skill set to orchestrate a smooth photography experience for both guests and hotel staff, while crafting dynamic, effective visuals to leverage what each location has to offer.

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