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Architecture is really about well-being. I think that people want to feel good in a space.

Zaha Hadid (British-Iraqi Architect)

Healthcare facilities offer perhaps the most diverse “biosphere” within which we work.  Spaces in the healthcare environment often consist of public areas, nurses’ stations, treatment rooms, waiting areas, admin, food service, surgical units, LDR rooms, ORs, technical spaces, mechanical, and more, all under one roof.  And that’s just inside the building.  As one would imagine, this can present a host of challenges to anyone not well-versed in navigating the photography of the multi-dimensional healthcare paradigm.

The folks here at Creative Sources have a wealth of experience working with healthcare facilities to bring their buildings to life through photographs, without causing undue disruption to those performing the life-saving work within. We bring the ability to plan around different departmental schedules, coordinate with various administrative entities, and have even coordinated with onsite personnel in getting an “air ambulance” helicopter to land on a hospital’s helipad just at the right moment at twilight!  That’s right, photography and impromptu air traffic control simultaneously. 

One crucial factor in scheduling is the ability to work effectively whether the health facility is pre- or post-patient intake.  Each of these scenarios offers both challenges and opportunities, requiring a different approach.  The savvy photographer is adept at both.

For a hospital to properly serve its purpose, it must be sterile.  The photographs of it, however, do not.  We try to bring a sense of warmth and approachability to our images, showing how thoughtful, intelligent design of a healthcare venue can be beautifully shown, as it delivers necessary functionality, as well as a rich “sense of place” for both those who heal, and those who seek healing.

Creative Sources Photography | Atlanta Architectural Photographers

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