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Higher Education

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

A friendly fight has been brewing between the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University for almost 250 years, over which one is the oldest in the country.  Though it seems as if there would be one clear winner, alas, there is not.  It has to do, as it so often does, with the words one uses.  Harvard is “the oldest institution of higher education in the United States” while U Penn claims it was the first university, which formed while Harvard was still a college.  Add to this the fact that The College of William and Mary was the first college to become a university in 1779, after both of the others were already formed, and hysteria ensues.  As with most claims of being the oldest, the brightest, the best, much is left open to the interpretation of the reader.  In short, who knows?

Fast forward to today, where over 21,000 colleges and universities on our planet vie for top students and teaching talent, financial stability, and growth.  Enter architectural design and construction.  The design community provides educational venues which are thoughtful in design, resource and energy efficient, LEED certified, and impactful.   

On campus, these learning environments foster creativity and imagination for those who tread the halls, reside on campus, and interface with technology.  Reaching farther afield, these higher learning buildings and campuses engage and influence the surrounding community.    

In our collaborations over the years with many clients, we’ve yet to photograph ivy-covered walls, not even on the most traditional campus.  Rather the selection above highlights our clients’ vision for a dynamic design, filled with color and light, and sensitivity to addressing the ongoing needs of students, faculty, visitors, and the governing boards of colleges and universities.

Creative Sources Photography | Atlanta Architectural Photographers

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