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Senior Living

My house is my refuge, an emotional piece of architecture, not a cold piece of convenience.

Luis Barrigan (Mexican Architect)

Photographing senior living facilities offers a wide range of interior and exterior image opportunities.  Coverage features a breadth of both private and public spaces.  Public spaces offer a wide array of lifestyle storytelling opportunities, with wellness-enhancing amenities, pools, fitness studios, theaters, libraries, dining rooms, bistros and cafés, and social gathering spaces that enhance a sense of community.  Outdoors, a variety of physical amenities, pathways, water features, and biophilic design enhances the quality of life. 

As photographers, we are cognizant of the particular care needed to work smoothly and safely within senior environments.  Working with administration, we schedule according to the ebb and flow of the community.  We also continue to modify and adapt our approach for efficiency and safety. For instance, we now use battery-powered lighting, particularly on interior views, thus lessening tripping hazards presented by traditional corded lights.  This also serves to reduce the photo team’s physical footprint on property.

Careful planning with designers and management is key to our crafting exceptional images, while keeping a watchful eye to reduce disruption of the residents’ routine.  Whether we are within independent or assisted living, memory care, or skilled nursing environs, it is our goal to be welcomed guests in their home. 

Creative Sources Photography | Atlanta Architectural Photographers

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