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Our client, CWC Office Furnishings, requested that Creative Sources produce a video to inform potential clients of what CWC brings to the table when planning and furnishing healthcare facilities.  Using only existing still photography for content, along with professional voice talent, we were able to deliver this video well within budget, while achieving the desired goals of client awareness.
An expansive photo of the impressive lobby and seating at the North Alabama Medical Center - Atlanta Architectural Photographers
Creative Sources Photography, one of the most experienced Atlanta architectural photographers, would be delighted to collaborate with you and your team to tell your story through photography or videography.  Call or click to continue the conversation.

The healthcare environment is demanding and constantly changing.  CWC for Healthcare brings knowledge, experience, and sensitivity to increase the performance of your healthcare facilities.  Our sales professionals are specialists who know and understand healthcare and the importance of integrated facilities.  You benefit from working with trusted providers who possess the vision to translate their expertise into an effective “front door to back door” solution for your healthcare environment.  They grasp the complex relationships in healthcare delivery systems, from patient care to code compliance, from staff retention to Green Design and LEED Certification.

The breadth of our product lines allows our clients to create environments which endure, and are comfortable to patients, staff, and family.  Our furnishings for physician, staff and administrative offices create functional, attractive work environments.  Our systems help hospitals organize the complex combination of technology, equipment and medical supplies required to support the medical professionals who provide care to patients.

Flexible, modular healthcare solutions deliver components that can be combined and easily reconfigured, improving productivity with little or no capital expenditure.  Built upon our foundation of 85 years of exceeding clients’ expectations, we are knowledgeable and experienced as a one-stop solutions provider.  Our clients benefit from CWC’s evidence-based design approach to patient care.  This approach focuses on the benefits of healthcare environments that reduce staff stress and fatigue while being effective in delivering care, providing clinical accuracy and patient safety.

Throughout the planning, design, and installation process, we are committed to providing our clientele with a complete healthcare facility which we transfer from our competent, caring hands, to yours.

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