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The reality of the building does not consist in the roof and walls, but in the space within to be lived in.

Lao-Tzu (Ancient Chinese Philosopher and Writer)

When photographing multi-family properties, we take special care to evaluate the individual aspects of each, so we can craft visually compelling imagery.  Multi-family properties can vary widely in location, size, number of units, amenities, and their positioning within the marketplace. We understand that a downtown high rise and a sprawling suburban community can be neither approached nor marketed in the same way. Every property we photograph is approached uniquely, with a tailored plan to make all that is special about it sing.

To create this compelling final product, we not only take the architectural features of the property into account, but also the story it tells, and to whom the story is being told. We work intimately with both the property designers and the management team to pinpoint the exact story upon which we are collaborating. Once determined, we have extensive experience to effectively coordinate our shoot with sensitivity to resident flow. This allows us to create stunning imagery with minimal resident disruption.

We take pride in helping our multi-family clients translate to both new and existing residents the care that is imbued into every property. We understand that these properties are more than a sum of brick and mortar. They represent the inviting warmth of the next place someone calls home.

Creative Sources Photography | Atlanta Architectural Photographers

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