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Shannendoah Gallagher

Website Consultant

Shannendoah is a digital media specialist. His journey has taken many turns from filming snowboarding and skateboarding footage in the Rocky and Wasatch Mountains in the late 90s to studying digital design and animation in the early 2000s.

In 2010, he graduated from Southwest University of Design with dual degrees in Graphic Design and Animation where he earned three Addy Awards and a Judge’s Choice Award in an Advertising and Marketing Competition, and was an integral member of a winning camera crew in two 48 Hour Film Festival.

His production experience includes three years working on feature films including the HBO production “Game Change” and independent film “The Boys of Abu Ghraib”.

Shannendoah has also collaborated as a camera crew member on three documentaries and 50+ commercials before he started his digital design and web accessibility agency Social Linus Web Services. He currently consults and designs WordPress websites with a focus on performance and accessibility.

Personal Q&A

I recently learned spinning wheel kicks and tomahawk elbows to add to my Muay Thai arsenal.

When I was seven I went door to door selling greeting cards and stationery to buy a walkman. It was the 80s and the idea that I could listen to whatever FM radio station I wanted was a life-changing event.

My ancestry has been traced back to the Royal Guard of the first Hawaiian King Kamehameha.

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