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Elevating Architectural Photography with Drone Photography & Video Services​

Unlocking New Perspectives: Capturing Architectural Beauty from the Skies

The ability to “create from above” with a drone is a skillful and flexible tool that greatly enhances our compositional capabilities as visual artists. By showing the context of a project within its surroundings, we can more fully convey its sense of place and immerse viewers in its story. Technology advancements have propelled us forward, making drone photography and videography services safer, more practical, and more accessible than ever before. With many hours of pilot training and advanced optics at our disposal, we’re able to deliver dynamic and effective visuals that exceed our client’s expectations.

Drone photography and videography are not just about capturing images; it’s about unlocking new perspectives and telling stories from above. Our services are used for various purposes within the realm of architectural photography. From showcasing the scale and scope of large-scale developments to highlighting unique architectural features from previously inaccessible angles, drones provide unparalleled versatility and precision. In the building and design industry, our drone services are invaluable tools for capturing stunning aerial views of properties and showcasing their unique features to potential buyers.

Best Drone Photography and Videography Practices

When hiring drone photography and videography services for your architectural projects, experience and expertise are key. Look for a team with a proven track record of delivering high-quality results safely and efficiently. At Creative Sources, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations. With us as your collaborative partner, you can trust that your architectural vision will be brought to life in stunning detail, with every angle captured with precision and artistry.

Explore our portfolio of drone photography videos and discover how our services can elevate your architectural photography to new heights. From breathtaking aerial views to dynamic video footage, Creative Sources is here to help you soar, and showcase your projects in ways you never thought possible.

A drone aerial view of the Cobb Galleria Centre buildings as seen from over interstate 285

Drone Portfolio

A drone aerial view of the Cobb Galleria Centre buildings as seen from over interstate 285

Cobb Galleria Centre

As the adage goes, “Location, Location, Location.”  With the vibrant Cobb Galleria Centre located at the crossroads of two major interstates in northwest metro Atlanta, our goal was to show not only the property itself, but its relationship to the surrounding buildings and transportation infrastructure.

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This drone view of the Westminster School athletic fields on a beautiful summer day shows the relationship between the fields and the academic campus

Westminster High School Athletic Fields

Today’s visual artist is able to lift their point-of-view above the gravity-imposed 5-7 foot limit to which we have traditionally been limited.  With that capability, the natural inclination is to go way, way up!  I mean, if you can fly 400 feet up, you should, right?

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Safety First...

A view of the stands and press box from the 50-yard line of the Westminster Athletic Fields in Smyrna, Georgia

Creative Sources holds a Part 107 commercial drone pilot certification, in compliance with the requirements of the Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration.  When flying within the restrictions and limitations of controlled airspace, written permission to fly is researched and obtained prior to liftoff, paying particular attention to altitude and geo-zone designations.  In short, we do it right.

A drone view of City Views at Rosa Burney Senior Living Building with the Atlanta skyline
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