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Danielle Rizzo

Blog Contributor

Danielle has spent the majority of her life performing. From living room cabarets and community theater, to time spent on the left coast and landing a speaking role in a Paramount feature film.  She has developed a love for connecting with others, and a deep understanding of people from all walks of life.
After pivoting from performance to furthering her education, she applied her interpersonal talents towards attaining a degree in Organizational and Professional Communication, while simultaneously working with a wide variety of clients to facilitate photo shoots, and connecting with mini-humans as a childcare professional. Post-graduation, she finds herself working on a resourceful AEC marketing communications team.  As a blog contributor, she has a platform to distill her knowledge in both performance and creative problem solving to bring a fresh and unique perspective to the visual communications realm.

Personal Q&A

The most pertinent lesson I have taken from my performing arts career is, when you need to cry,  always cry in your car or in the bathroom (under your desk works OK in a pinch.) Nobody wants to see your splotchy tears and crying makes your face bloat. Then you’re bloated and vulnerable. It’s no good!

Well, you may be surprised to read that I have hypermobile hips, that pop exceedingly loudly when I stretch just right. I am currently holding a 100% response rate of “AHHHHH What was that?!?!?!” or equivalent. 

Mayonnaise.  I despise with a passion mayonnaise and everything about it, from the repulsive color to the putrid smell to the disgusting glopping sound it makes when you stick your knife into the jar.  It’s an abomination to condiments.  I mean, seriously, why on earth would anyone eat mayo when mustard exists? 

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