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Lord Aeck Sargent - Terry Sargent Tribute

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The Atlanta architectural photographers Rion Rizzo and the Creative Sources team was called upon by the designers at Lord Aeck Sargent, an Atlanta-based architecture and design firm, to produce a video honoring one of the founders of their firm, Terry Sargent.  As you will see in this video, Terry had a hand in the past, present, and future of the firm, and has had a positive lasting impact on the individuals with whom he worked.   One of his partners summed it up well, “He was an authentic original.”
An image of the interior of the Lord Aeck Sargent offices - Atlanta Architectural Photographers
The open design and beautiful flood of natural light blends function and aesthetics to help define this main circulation space of the LAS offices.

Larry Lord: Terry was always sort of the moderator or the the person that  balanced our decision making, because he would not say anything for quite a while and, and Tony and I would put together our different opinions about something…

Tony Aeck: …and Terry would be very quiet until he would say something that would make us realize we were on the wrong side of the equation. And Terry was looking at it out of the box more realistically, and rationally.

Mike Lefevre: I would absolutely pick the the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Research Center as being one of the most emblematic projects of Terry’s work. That building bowed to the past, certainly was of the present, and spoke to to the future. So there’s a timelessness to that, and like so many of his projects.

Howard Wertheimer: The work was not stylistic. He was responsive to its time, place, and context, and the materials that were available. The Delta Airlines in Salt Lake City, perfect example, Trinity School, another great example, Georgia Tech, the palette of materials was brick, and glass…

Becky McDuffie:  For me, Terry was always about clarity, there was always an idea that started at the beginning of the project and ran all the way through. And there was a real emphasis on integrity of materials and integrity on how the building actually functioned.

Joe Greco:  We designed the new office space, it was actually kind of a crazy experience. And I like to think that even though Terry had had actually no hand in the design of the new office space, it’s very much built upon the design ideas that Terry put forth. We felt it was important that the new generation take the design forward, I have to say I worked with a very talented group of other designers on the project, but it’s very much I think, embodies, again, his sort of design sensibilities. It’s a certain honesty about the way everything is put together, I think, is something that he would have very much appreciated. And I think that’s really sort of the elegant pragmatist and Terry coming through in the design of our new office space.

Josh Andrews:  The legacy I would take forward with Terry is really design, I think that was what he was so focused on, that’s what he got up every day to do. He was such a presence, and a presence in his work that when you look at the projects that he was directly involved with, there’s a sensibility to sort of this thread that goes all the way through. And I think that those threads continue through all of our work.

John Starr:  So those are the the sort of chief legacies of one, solve the client’s functional problem. Let’s figure out how we meet the budgetary requirements by creating sort of a unified repetitive plan. But then finally, where do we find the delight and the architecture, the beauty by finding some poetic element, some element that we can make more beautiful than the client ever imagined. At the end of the day, people are gonna remember and love those buildings.

Joe Greco:  We’re not showboat designers, we are pragmatic, but we find that the elegance in the program, in the site, in the aspirations of the project, and our charge is really sort of to put that together in an amazing, elegant way.

Tony Aeck:  He was a pleasure, and a delight, and prince of a guy. As I as I said at his memorial gathering at the Beer Hall in the office in Ann Arbor, he really was an authentic original.

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