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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Landside Modernization
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There has been much client interest in the recent Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (HJAIA) Case Study featuring our photographic coverage.  Our process included a pre-production location scout with the JV team to define the visual opportunities unique to this landmark project.  This short video shows a sampling of the logistics and techniques we employed to maximize those visuals.

The North Terminal canopy at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport glows at twilight
For further insight into the HJAIA project, link to our original Case Study, to New South Construction’s project profile ,or to HOK’s Design Annual.

Creative Sources Photography’s experienced, award-winning creative team of Atlanta Architectural Photographers is here to collaborate on your next project, from concept and planning, to final image results.

Clients don’t often get to see what goes into the production of an image that we produce.  The organization and logistics of crafting a twilight view of the North Terminal canopy required that we coordinate efforts amongst the photo team, our JV partner, Airport Security, and the remote electrical engineer operating the lights.

From our earlier scouting of the site we identified the ideal vantage point from which to shoot, an elevated perspective looking into the western sky, capitalizing on the relationship of the lighted canopy to the terminal and parking.

We elevated the camera by using a 24-foot tall tripod, complete with outrigger tie-downs to assure stability for the longer exposures needed as we shot through twilight.  We used software and hardware to allow for remote controlling and proofing of the results in real time, to adapt to changing lighting conditions.

We coordinated with our JV partner and the electrical engineer to time the rotating lighting sequence with the twilight sky – fast enough to be able to capture a wide variety of colors and patterns at the right moment, but slowly enough to allow adequate time for any given exposure.

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