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CWC - Environmental Responsibility

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When CWC Office Furnishings asked the team here at Creative Sources to collaborate with them on a video highlighting environmental responsibility within the design industry, we jumped at the chance.
Using a child’s voice to lend a simple, yet insightful perspective on current practices and recommended solutions, we hoped to achieve a clear, yet accessible message that would get the viewer thinking, and spur them to action.

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An engaging view of the CTK Highland Center circulation space and play area - Atlanta Architectural Photographers

Voice:  Sometimes I think about a picture I want to draw.

Text:  It all starts with an idea.

Voice:  I sort of know what its going to look like before I draw.  Sometimes I change it while I’m drawing, too.

Text:  Our industry can leverage rendering technology to bring ideas to life, with photo-realistic accuracy and easy visualization.

Voice:  Drawing pictures is fun, because you can make it anything you want.

Text:  Your dealer can provide multiple iterations of realistic renderings to fully meet your requirements.

Voice:  A lot of people talk about the environment.

Text:  Did you know the current system of mockup production can be environmentally irresponsible?

Voice:  What they really mean is nature.

Text:  Discarded furniture mockups produce 1,000,000 tons of landfill waste per year.  There is a better way.

Voice:  Drawing stuff is a lot more easier than building stuff.

Text:  The rendering process develops the creativity and vision to refine and improve both design and function.  You get to see exactly what you’re going to buy.  Rendering technology allows a more customized furniture result, while promoting responsible environmental stewardship.

Voice:  I think people like nature so much because of all the different colors, make it fun to draw, and fun to live in.

Text:  It all starts with an idea, translated into furniture plans, make changes with realistic 3D renderings until its perfect.  Then mockup only the solution you intend to order.  See, touch, and feel exactly what your substantial investment is buying.  This avoids unnecessary landfill waste and promotes sustainable business practices.  Our environment thanks you!

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