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“The goal of Creative Sources Photography is to engage the viewer by crafting a series of images, which through the use of light, composition, and framing elements, help to interpret a multi-faceted experience.”

Todd Dolson
SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson

Looking Toward the Future

SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson, in association with design partner SmithGroup, partnered with Georgia Southern University on the design and implementation of their state-of-the-art Engineering Research Building. The facility has been designed for success through supporting regional business and industry, and institutional evolution by supporting new and future interdisciplinary opportunities through long-term conversion from academic to research laboratories. The three-story building is the largest building on campus; however, great care was taken to ensure it fits in well with its context. The building provides a new visual center for the University’s newly created and rapidly growing Manufacturing Engineering Department, as this interdisciplinary research facility includes Mechanical Engineering, Computer, Electrical, and Civil Engineering components.

A high view of the beautifully designed production area at GA Southern Engineering
One of the most striking spaces is this high-bay multi-user research lab that is the length of a football field.  When photographing this space, care was taken to show the clerestory windows above the roll-up doors, as well as those on the third level above the collaboration space.  We strove to illustrate how natural light from these windows illuminates lab and collaboration spaces, while adding form and definition to the sculptural ceiling joists.  In addition, we sought to show the repeating pattern of the roll-up doors, which allow for easy and efficient movement of equipment and materials in and out of the lab spaces.
A view from the high-bay Robotics manufacturing line to the building's lobby
The relationship of the main lobby to the high-bay laboratory was an important design element to convey through composition.  Separated by a two-story glass wall it invites students, visitors, and guests to observe the function of the engineering and robotic learning.
This vantage point from the northeast offered the photo team a way to illustrate the relationship between the 3-story entry and lobby to the functional high-bay lab spaces.  Choosing to photograph at twilight allowed us to strike a lighting balance amongst the high-bay, lobby, and the exterior accent lighting.  We strategically added our supplemental lighting, both inside and out, which served to augment and explain the interaction of the interior and exterior design.  Add into this recipe a wonderful sunset and people utilizing the facility, made for a dynamic compositional result.
Photographing similar views of the front of the facility, one during the day, and the other at twilight, allowed us to capitalize on the building’s context within the surroundings.  The relationship of the building to the surrounding campus landscape drives the composition in these two images, and serves to enhance the building’s character both day and night.
Creative Sources Photography worked with the university’s operations team to ensure that the fountains were running during the day, and temporarily off for the twilight view.  At dusk, the mirror-like reflection enhanced the transparency of interior to exterior and provided the viewer contextual information.  Seasonal awareness, relating to sun position and foliage are factors that determine the most advantageous time of day and time of year.

Uniquely Designed Laboratories

To support the University and the Paulson College of Engineering and Computing now and into the future, the facility is designed to allow laboratories that are currently focused on academics to easily become research-oriented laboratories. There are 33 unique laboratories ranging from Additive Manufacturing (Metallic 3D Printing), Industrial Robotics and Automation, Nanomaterials, Bio-Additive Manufacturing, and a Clean Lab.

Students and a professor work in the GA Southern Robotics Laboratory
To read further and learn about the logistics and aesthetics behind this exciting project, link to this article in The Lab Manager magazine.
A student oversees the Robotics manufacturing facility at GA Southern
Our recent collaboration with the team of SSOE |Stevens & Wilkinson, SmithGroup, and JE Dunn, gave us the opportunity to photograph an exquisite technology-based building, on an exciting campus, for a talented team.  Creative Sources Photography’s experienced, award-winning creative team of Atlanta Architectural Photographers is here to collaborate on your next project, from concept and planning, to final image results.

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