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So..What Exactly is a Quotation Matrix?

Yes, an excellent question.  A quotation matrix is a modern-day version of perhaps the first bit of origami most of us remember.  It’s also called a fortune teller, cootie catcher, chatterbox, salt cellar, whirlybird, or paku-paku, depending on what part of the world one attended elementary school.  Who knew?
This particular fortune teller is called a quotation matrix due to the fact that it is chock full of famous architects, and as one delves into the inner recesses of the matrix, it divulges timeless wisdom from these design titans in the form of their most pithy quotations.
Check out the 30 second video below to get a better idea of where we’re going with this.

Come Sit at the Cool Lunch Table...

OK, so you want to join the cool kids and download and fold your very own, official, Creative Sources Quotation Matrix.  You’ve come to the right place. Just click on the image below to open the downloadable PDF, and print.  It’s sized for 8.5″ paper, so if you print on 8.5″x11″, you have to trim the longer edges. A small price to pay for hours of fun!

Returning to the Fold

Been awhile since you’ve been in elementary school, so you don’t remember how to fold your Quotation Matrix?
Take a gander at our helpful and entertaining instructional video below, a fun and entertaining way to achieve trimming and folding perfection.  Before long, you’ll be reciting (and learning) poignant quotes from notable architects to help get you through your day.  Just another value-added experience from your friends here at Creative Sources!
You should be an expert in architectural origami by now.  Let us know if you enjoyed our fun little diversion by leaving a comment below. This, of course, brought to you by your favorite Atlanta Architectural Photographers, Creative Sources.  Happy matrixing!

Hi, today we’re going to be showing you how to make the highly-coveted, Creative Sources Quotation Matrix.  Now, I’m sure you remember making these in school your friends would have you pick a color, and they would tell you if your crush was going to ask you out, or if you were going to get a good grade on the next test.  Well, Creative Sources Photography can’t guarantee an office romance or a promotion, but, what they can guarantee is safety from bad architectural photography, and…let’s face it…we’ve all been there!

First, the Cut:  You’re going to want to line up your paper with the ruler, or use a fun little cuttin’ device such as this.  Quick slice, being very careful not to cut off the very valuable information such as contact, phone number, and website.  If you don’t have a photo cutter, you could always use a pair of scissors, or, a nice hard fold, and your own spit and elbow grease.  Whatever floats your boat …and then… you have your perfect square.

Next, the Fold:  So, you’re going to want the white side facing up at you, you’re going to fold the paper in half, matching corner to corner, fold it back, flip it around, and do the same thing going the other way.  That should give you a nice guideline, you’ll have a good little X in the middle.  You’re going to flip it over to the white side again, so its looking up at you, and you’re going to want to start folding the outside corners of the paper in, so that they’re touching the X, but not overlapping it, because if it overlaps, it’ll make it more difficult to fold, and then when you try to  pop it up and make it look sharp, your colleagues will laugh at you, because you can’t even make a quotation matrix correctly, and you’re an architect, you get paid to do these kinds of artistic things!  Creative Sources Photography doesn’t want that for you, so make sure you keep your creases tight, and your corners close to, but not touching, that X, like so.  When you’re finished, you should have “Form” “Function” “Shape” and “Art”  all looking up at you, as well as the names of some very prominent architects.  Then you’re going to flip it to the other side, and then you’re going to want to take these little gray corners, and you’re going to want to make them “kiss” the middle, again and again, like so.  Once you’ve achieved all of this, and made sure your creases are super sharp, now comes the fun!

Now, the Fun:  Flip it closed, pick it up, maybe finesse it a little, check that its good.  Then pop your fingers into the slots, like so…  now you have the highly-coveted Creative Sources Quotation Matrix!  Now that you’ve finished your Creative Sources Quotation Matrix, may you be inspired to great design… and more importantly, have fun!

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