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SuperGraphics are images of exceptional size, typically greater than 1 Gigabyte, that are created with carefully aligned multiple exposures, subsequently stitched together in post-production, and destined for large-scale reproduction. The challenge facing the artist is to successfully respond to the environment;  this requires attention not only to the aesthetics of the image, but controlling the myriad technical demands.

Hernando de Soto Bridge

Creative Sources was asked to produce a SuperGraphic image of the Hernando de Soto Bridge in, Memphis, Tennessee at twilight, with a view across into Arkansas. What made this image particularly tricky was having to adjust to rapidly changing light conditions, while making precisely spaced exposures, as twilight quickly morphed into night.  The resulting 2.1GB graphic, reproduced at 10′ x 52′, adorns the B.B. King Blues Club in Montgomery Alabama. A total of 27 captures were combined to produce the final result.

NAPA Auto Parts

An interior elevated view of the neat and ordered NAPA Auto Parts store in Marietta, Georgia
An interior elevated view of the customer service area of the NAPA Auto Parts store in Marietta, Georgia
When Miller Zell needed large-scale graphics of the rebranded NAPA Auto Parts retail presence, we were tasked to produce SuperGraphic files of store interiors. Careful attention to utilizing perspective control was crucial to ensure precise stitching of the images.  Accurate alignment was necessary in order to ensure the retention of fine detail throughout these very large images. The resulting large scale 1.5GB files offered flexibility for a myriad of display uses.

The Galloway School

This Atlanta school requested a large-scale portrait of their main campus building.  Working outdoors can present specific challenges when crafting an image from multiple exposures, since even a slight breeze changes the position of leaves and branches (and their corresponding shadows!) from exposure to exposure.  The reproduction size of a two-story high 20′ x 58′ banner combined 36 separate exposures into a whopping 5.4GB file.

Columbia Renaissance Square

The sweeping plains of Ft. Worth offered an interesting palette to showcase the breadth and detail of the Columbia Renaissance Square Residential Community.  Ten exposures were produced, from an elevated viewpoint, to convey the property and its surrounds.
Atlanta architectural photographers Creative Sources would be delighted to discuss your large-scale imaging needs.  We get ‘the big picture.’

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