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How To Photograph a Building at Twilight

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In this installation of Creative Sources’ “How To” series, join Rion and Floyd as they compose and light the exterior of a building at dawn.  The large expanse of glass on the façade of the YMCA offers a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the small window of time, where interior and exterior lighting begin to balance and enhance.  This transition time offers both challenges and opportunities to the architectural photographer, in this delicate dance where interior lighting, exterior lighting, and nature all coalesce as disparate, yet complimentary elements.
An exterior twilight view of the Ashford-Dunwoody YMCA - Atlanta Architectural Photographers
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There’s a personality to every building, and you kinda wonder, why the heck do you do this at twilight, why at dawn, why at dusk, why get up at five o’clock in the morning to come out and shoot a building?  That personality, quite often, can be better seen at twilight, rather than during the day or the night.

You start with the basic lighting in the building, we set up our composition, then, we start adding light.  What we’re striving for ultimately, is for the viewer to have an understanding of the building that is beyond documentation.  You can really create an impactful visual that just grabs people’s attention.

In order to get this kind of result, it doesn’t just happen.  There is a lot of time, a lot of effort, and a lot of lighting that goes into really making this “pop” and give you something really dynamic.  Shooting a twilight gives the photographer the opportunity to really utilize light to show the depth and dimension, the planes and the materials, of the structure.

Ultimately, a properly done twilight gives you an impactful visual that really captures people’s attention.

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