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Leo A Daly

Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport

Creative Sources Photography | Atlanta Architectural Photographers

We are in consensus that these images are stunning; we are very pleased with the photography. Amazing work.
As a creative partner and interpreter of the design vision, Rion Rizzo and the CSP team photographed the new North Terminal (MSY). Identified by Mayor Landrieu as “the most transformative project for New Orleans since the Superdome,” our goal was to capture the design excellence and the multi-faceted traveler experience.
Exterior twilight view of the terminal and concourse at the MSY North Terminal - credit: Creative Sources – Atlanta Architectural Photographers

As night falls, the beautiful sunset reflection in the glass begins to yield, revealing the transparency into the terminal.  The interior expanse includes retail, TSA screening, and access to concourses.

Interior daytime view of a walkway with travelers at the MSY North Terminal - Atlanta Architectural Photographers
Interior daytime view of a walkway at the MSY North Terminal
During the day, the glass expanse allows travelers an open and airy thoroughfare throughout the airport.  The sense of light and a visual orientation to other aspects of the facility allow the traveler a more relaxed and pleasant journey.
Exterior twilight view of arrivals and parking at the MSY North Terminal
Twilight offers yet another dramatic photograph, this of the arrivals area and parking garage.  The thoughtful design of traffic flow accommodates five million passengers a year, and a wide variety of transportation types.
A view of the curved ceiling forms on the concourses at MSY Airport
Interior aerial view of the central hub at the MSY North Terminal
Sensitive design focusing on providing a pleasing aesthetic and sensory experience is evident throughout the entire airport.  Atlanta architectural photographers Creative Sources coordinated all logistics, timing for weather, and permissions for access with the client, the contractor, and the facility.  The resulting library of images, some of which you see above, will serve to tell the story of the $1.3 billion terminal and 35-gate concourses at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.  Images enhance the brand of team members involved in the airport’s creation.
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