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Custom Homes

Architecture is inhabited sculpture.

Constantin Brâncuși (Romanian Sculptor)

When photographing custom homes, we always keep in mind that we are entering someone’s personal living space.  They’ve graciously allowed us in as guests, and we behave in a way that reflects our appreciation of their willingness to receive us. We take special care to attune ourselves with the sensibilities of every individual homeowner. We endeavor to leave an invisible footprint and conduct our shoots in a way that allows for minimal disruption to the homeowner’s life and sensibilities.

In order to do this, effort is made to ensure that the time of arrival, and the anticipated time of departure are well understood and agreed to by all.  At Creative Sources we believe that these homeowners are accommodating us by allowing us into the home, and we must reciprocate. For instance, not a morning person? That’s okay! No dawn shots then. We have the experience and expertise to render stunning and effective imagery throughout the day or in the evening. 

If feasible, we always leave the heavy equipment outside, and only bring in what we need.  The fewer items we bring into our clients’ homes, the fewer chances for accident or disruption. We always take the time to talk to the owners and let them know they’re hosting people who know and appreciate the fact that they’re extending grace and hospitality by letting us be invaders into their most private space.  We’re adept at  helping people feel at ease while we translate their most personal project into a work of art.

Creative Sources Photography | Atlanta Architectural Photographers

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